Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Today's Favorite Verse: D&C 81:3

Today's Favorite Verse: Doctrine & Covenants 81:3
"Therefore, verily I acknowledge him and will bless him, and also thee, inasmuch as thou art faithful in counsel, in the office which I have appointed unto you, in prayer always, vocally and in thy heart, in public and in private, also in thy ministry in proclaiming the gospel in the land of the living, and among thy brethren."

Frederick G. Williams is called to be a counselor to Joseph Smith. The header explains that this chapter describes what a counselor does and how it is now called the First Presidency. The phrase "land of the living", really stood out to me. The Lord is talking about Frederick G. Williams mission on this side of the veil. I take that to mean there is also organization and order on the other side of the veil. Does what follow "and among thy brethren" speak of Frederick G. Williams mission in the spirit world?  At this point they had no idea about the 138th chapter of the Doctrine & Covenants. I love how the Lord is explaining things little by little and laying the foundation for greater light and knowledge. 

Day 500 

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