Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Comments on OrdainWomen at Priesthood Session Apr 2014

My comments made on Facebook: Mormon Women Stand

So glad this post shows that not all the followers of Ordain Women are members of our faith. If you do some research on their blog postings and tweeter feeds you will learn they are a feminist movement that wants all women of all religions to have the priesthood. Kate Kelly is a small cog in a larger wheel. The misguided women of our faith following her don't realize what they are getting sucked into. The wearing of purple started with the Catholic branch demonstrating to get the priesthood. Their leadership is not LDS they don't see or understand prophets, and revelation at all. That is why being told no means nothing to them.

I had one of their followers Abigayle M. Ellison @Abigayle412 tweet me during conference saying "Our God is a man and a women. Pretty sure she has priesthood. I want to be like her". Later others in their group tried to do damage control saying that is not what they believe. You just can't mix a bunch of religions and man made desires up and try to make it sound like the desire of just one faith. Our general conference is just the flavor of the day for many of them.

I can't call a majority of them apostates because they are not even members of the LDS faith. But, those of our faith supporting them are apostates and I think they have had enough warnings. God even gave them a personal message by sending down hail on the moment they stepped on Temple Square where they were not invited to go. It didn't stop until they left either. But they don't believe in signs either do they.

What really upset me today about the group is they are now taking other women by "proxy" with them to their protests by printing cards. This is inflating the number of people they consider in attendance. I also see it mocking temple ordinance cards that we print in proxy for our deceased ancestors.

You can read the Ordain Women's mission statement here and see for yourself they believe God is both a man and a women We may believe there is a heavenly mother but no where do we believe her to be God. Even the basic doctrine of their beliefs are wrong. They have truly created their own religion and are trying to get the LDS church to bend to it.

Update: Please pay close attention to the fact that no where in their mission statement do they profess a belief in Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost. These are important members of the Godhead. This is not an LDS organization of women. The Savior Jesus Christ is at the head of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and speak directly to his prophet. This is why they do not obey his council. They are denying the Savior's eternal role, and trying to define their own.