Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Today's Favorite Verse: D&C 60:2-3

Today's Favorite Verse: Doctrine & Covenants 60:2-3
"But with some I am not well pleased, for they will not open their mouths, but they hide the talent which I have given unto them, because of the fear of man. Wo unto such, for mine anger is kindled against them.
And it shall come to pass, if they are not more faithful unto me, it shall be taken away, even that which they have."

I have heard this verse quoted a zillion times about using my talents. If I don't use them, but actually hide them then they will be taken away from me. I'm sure talents can be lost in such a manner. But would the Lord really have his anger kindled against me for not using and developing my talent for organizing things?

Today as I read it I thought more about the other verses around it. The Lord is talking about sharing the gospel with others. I think the talents is the gift of the Holy Ghost, with the ability to speak the words of Christ. To testify of Him in all that I do. To always encourage others to know of Him, and believe in Him. If I instead hide this because I fear the reaction of man then the Spirit will be taken also from me. I had never looked at the sharing of the gospel in this way before. I can see what a serious obligation this is. It makes much more sense to me why the Lord would kindle his anger against me. I would actually be denying Him if I would not share the gospel with others out of a greater fear of man.

Day 479

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