Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I Was A Little Mad At God

I was a little mad at God yesterday over the political state of our nation. I was physically ill over FBI Director James Comey's listing of Hillary Clinton's crimes and then recommending not to charge her in any way. I looked into the heart of the most deepest exposure of secret combinations in our land. How could God not let her come to justice? Yes, I was angry, and I do not want anger in my heart in any shape or form.
I was at a loss for what to do so I prayed. I was able to recall my mood as I walked out of the temple that morning. This early morning moment has been an amazing barometer, allowing me to step back into the world and sense what is coming. My thoughts were "Things are going to be hot today. Stand in holy places." At the time I though it a comment on the weather, and a confirmation of where I had just been. I realized now it was the entire condition of the world. Things are going to be heating up. It may look like God is letting wickedness prevail. It has its purpose and we must let it run its course. The only way to survive is to stand in holy places and be not moved. We must do all that we can so the sins of this generation do not come upon us, but stand with God and live. Once I heard that my heart had peace, a peace that the world as a whole does not know. A peace that the world could know if they turned to Jesus Christ and lived. Now is a time for repentance and mourning for our nation. Now is the time to leave ultimate justice in the hands of the Lord.

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