Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Today's Favorite Verse: Deuteronomy 10:9, 20

Today's Favorite Verse: Deuteronomy 10:9, 20
"Wherefore Levi hath no part nor inheritance with his brethren; the Lord is his inheritance, according as the Lord thy God promised him.
Thou shalt fear the Lord thy God; him shalt thou serve, and to him shalt thou cleave, and swear by his name."

I was rather feeling a little sorry for myself. I was seeing and hearing others joyfully sharing about their travels and events they have attended. This is my sorrow, a desire to go and see things but never have the time or money to do so. I was feeling rather down, and tried very hard to cheer myself. I want to have joy for the blessings others have, and not sorrow on hearing their fortunes. They are good people and deserve all the blessings they receive. I would not want it, if it took it away from them.

Then I read this about the Levites. They received no inheritance while the other children of Israel did. Did some of them sit there like me and look at what others had and feel some sorrow?  I'm sure they did. The Lord was their inheritance, but he was also an inheritance available to the other children of Israel. Did some just get more than others? Then I pondered on my relationship with the Lord, how special that was to me. If that was to be dimmed so I could have "more" would I even want it? My answer would be no. I think I'm actually getting what I was promised before I even came here to earth. It was what mattered to me then, and what I wanted most while here. For me to have the shinny things, that bring me sorrow to look upon now, would probably bring me sorry later. Everyone has their temptations and they are not all the same. I have to trust that a wise and loving God knows what is best for me. I know in the end all things will be compensated for.

As I sat and pondered on my blessings I realized I have taken a trip that very few people ever have. It is a trip that money cannot buy. I visited the spirit world during my near-death experience. I have seen things that people that have traveled the globe would given everything to see.  What I saw and learned, and where I now stand is worth everything. What I sorrowed over would only cheapen it. I have been truly blessed beyond measure. How could I have forgotten what the Lord has done for me. What a gift that in my sorrow and pondering I now can put these two things together. I will turn to the trip I did take, that only comes by special invitation. I would not change a thing. I am so grateful to have pondered on these things today. I have found peace.

Day 738

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