Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Today's Favorite Verse: Joshua 19:49-50

Today's Favorite Verse: Joshua 19:49-50
"When they had made an end of dividing the land for inheritance by their coasts, the children of Israel gave an inheritance to Joshua the son of Nun among them:
According to the word of the Lord they gave him the city which he asked, even Timnath-serah in mount Ephraim: and he built the city, and dwelt therein."

As I was reading this chapter full of places and names I know nothing about, these thoughts kept running through my mind. "I know nothing about these places. They mean nothing to me. How is this important to me?"  Then I saw that it wasn't, it was important to them. Just like the place I call home is important to me. Even the prophet Joshua needed a place to call home, and he was given such a place. I searched the scriptures for any more mention of Joshua's inheritance Timnath-serah. I found only one reference in Joshua 24:30. This was the place he was buried, his final resting place.

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