Sunday, March 13, 2016

Today's Favorite Verse: Helaman 14:2-3, 20, 28

Today's Favorite Verse: Helaman 14:2-3, 20, 28
And behold, he said unto them: Behold, I give unto you a sign; for five years more cometh, and behold, then cometh the Son of God to redeem all those who shall believe on his name.
And behold, this will I give unto you for a sign at the time of his coming; for behold, there shall be great lights in heaven, insomuch that in the night before he cometh there shall be no darkness, insomuch that it shall appear unto man as if it was day.
But behold, as I said unto you concerning another sign, a sign of his death, behold, in that day that he shall suffer death the sun shall be darkened and refuse to give his light unto you; and also the moon and the stars; and there shall be no light upon the face of this land, even from the time that he shall suffer death, for the space of three days, to the time that he shall rise again from the dead.
And the angel said unto me that many shall see greater things than these, to the intent that they might believe that these signs and these wonders should come to pass upon all the face of this land, to the intent that there should be no cause for unbelief among the children of men -"

Samuel, the Lamanite is upon the wall prophesying to the Nephites. They are promised that in five years the Savior will come into the world. I pondered on how my heart would feel to be told that in five short years that Savior would come? I truly would want it to fill me with peace and not fear. 

I notice there are three signs or witnesses that the people are told will come. Living on the American continent, so far removed from the holy land, there was a need to have a sign given of Christ's birth and death. There is no other way for them to witness or hear what's happening in another land. The third sign is a promise that many will see greater signs then these. There will be no cause for unbelief among the children of men. It is rather vague. I wondered why?

As I pondered on the third sign I realized all the people on the land would witness the first two signs. There was no doubt about them all being there when it happens. What is so different about the third sign is not everyone will see it. It comes after great destruction at the sign of Christ's death. They can't all be promised to witness something the wicked among them won't be alive to see. Little do they realize at that time it means the resurrected Lord will appear to them in their own land. They will no longer believe, but know he is the risen Lord. 

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