Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Today's Favorite Verse: D&C 11:11

Today's Favorite Verse: Doctrine & Covenants 11:11
"For, behold, it is I that speak; behold, I am the light which shineth in darkness, and by my power I give these words unto thee."

This chapter is revelation given through Joseph Smith to his brother Hyrum. As I was reading it I could hear the Lord's voice and just felt such gratitude for the Doctrine and Covenants. It is full of revelation directly from the Lord. If I was to highlight all the passages spoken by Christ it would cover the whole book. What an amazing set of scriptures this is. Christ himself is directing the restoration of his gospel in this the last dispensation in time. He is teaching his prophet and those around him the manner in which the gospel will the taken to the world in preparation of his second coming. He is establishing his church and preparing his people to meet him. The thought of it is so amazing, it is simply glorious. My heart is full.

Day 430

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