Sunday, May 1, 2016

Today's Favorite Verse: Ether 7:23-24

Today's Favorite Verse: Ether 7:23-24
"And also in the reign of Shule there came prophets among the people, who were sent from the Lord, prophesying that the wickedness and idolatry of the people was bringing a curse upon the land, and they should be destroyed if they did not repent.
And it came to pass that the people did revile against the prophets, and did mock them. And it came to pass that king Shule did execute judgment against all those who did revile against the prophets."

The chapter gives a history of their kings, how they divided and were brought into captivity, until we get to the generation of king Shule. King Shule establish a law that the prophets could go wherever they wanted. This freedom brought the people to repentance. The people repented of their iniquities and idolatries. The Lord spared them and they prospered in the land. 

What I pondered on was the role of our leaders. If king Shule had not been a righteous king there is a concern that wickedness would have reigned and the judgment of God would have come upon the people. Now people do not vote for a king, so it was even more important that the king was righteous. The only way to remove an unrighteous king is to kill him, or somehow take away his kingdom. I am grateful for the right to vote for my leader, because it allows a peaceful way to remove them from office.

It is even more important that we chose leaders that will uphold the laws of God, and the land. I just had to ponder on the direction our nation has turned as our leaders have not obeyed the laws of God. Wickedness multiples when leaders call evil good, and good evil. The hearts of the people follow their leaders, and the leaders turn the hearts of the people from God if they are not righteous. There is a covenant between God and his people and no one should stand in the way of it. Nations suffer otherwise. I have a fear for our nation in the direction it is headed, and the people as a whole in who they are wanting as our leaders. On this fast Sunday I pray that the hearts of people will be softened and they will seek a righteous leader. One that knows and honors God. The only compass that can be our guide. The only way our nation will be preserved and prosper.

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