Thursday, May 5, 2016

Today's Favorite Verse: Ether 11:1-3

Today's Favorite Verse: Ether 11:1-3
"And there came also in the days of Com many prophets, and prophesied of the destruction of that great people except they should repent, and turn unto the Lord, and forsake their murders and wickedness.
And it came to pass that the prophets were rejected by the people, and they fled unto Com for protection, for the people sought to destroy them. 
And they prophesied unto Com many things; and he was blessed in all the remainder of his days."

This is the history of the last eight generations of ancestors for the prophet Ether. Throughout the generations I see the Lord sent prophets multiple times to warn the people to repent, or they would be destroyed. Prior to the prophets seeking safety with Com he was battling with robbers in the land. They had adopted the secret oaths of old and sought to destroy his kingdom. Com fought them but didn't prevail against them. That is until the prophet sought refuge with him for their protection.

Com had to be a righteous leader of his people for the prophets to feel they would find safety with him. It is only because a righteous leader listened to the prophets that he could be blessed. I would think that means he and his kingdom were protected and had peace for the remainder of his days. Maybe even the prophesies he was told by the prophets helped them say ahead of their enemies. I once again see the theme of the importance of righteous leaders, they are for the protection of the Lord's people. When evil prevails among our leaders the people suffer, because they feel no need to repent. The blessings of the Lord will not be upon them. They are left to the wisdom of themselves, which makes them turn on each other. The Lord's people will be blessed to know ways to find protection. 

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