Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Today's Favorite Verse: D&C 5:4

Today's Favorite Verse: Doctrine & Covenants 5:4
"And you have a gift to translate the plates; and this is the first gift that I bestowed upon you; and I have commanded that you should pretend to no other gift until my purpose is fulfilled in this; for I will grant unto you no other gift until it is finished."

This verse made me go back to the last chapter in the Book of Mormon, Moroni 10 and review the different gifts by the spirit we can have. 

Teach the word of wisdom
Teach the word of knowledge
Exceedingly great faith
Gift of healing
Work mighty miracles
Prophesy concerning all things
Beholding of angels and ministering spirits
All kinds of tongues
Interpretation of languages and divers kinds of tongues

As I have gone over this list and other scripture verses on gifts of the spirit, I have often wondered if anyone has ever possessed all of them. With this verse in the Doctrine & Covenants I realized yes, someone could, but probably not all a once. God gives spiritual gifts as they are needed for the work he would have us do. 

Moroni 10:17 "And all these gifts come by the Spirit of Christ; and they come unto every man severally, according as he will."

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