Monday, February 29, 2016

Today's Favorite Verse: Helaman 1:11

Today's Favorite Verse: Helaman 1:11
"And he went unto those that sent him, and they all entered into a covenant, yea swearing by their everlasting Maker, that they would tell no man that Kishkumen had murdered Pahoran."

Pahoran, the chief judge and governor of the Nephites dies and three of his sons are seriously contenting to reign in his stead. The voice of the people chose his son named Pahoran. His son Paanchi was wroth. He flattered the people to rise up in rebellion to destroy the liberty of the people. He was taken and tried and condemned to death. In revenge his supporters, send Kishkumen to murder Pahoran on the judgment-seat. Then they all covenant to tell no one it was Kishkumen that killed him. The remaining son Pacumeni, who had supported his brother Pahoran when the voice of the people selected him, is now made governor. 

I had a hard time finding an inspiring verse. There is nothing about faith, repentance and Christ. The everlasting Maker here is not God the Father or his son Jesus Christ. Their master is mayhem the prince of darkness, Lucifer that son of perdition. It made me think of how people can yell their God tells them to do one thing, and others say their God tells them something totally different. The question will always be what master are you serving?

If your master inspires to get power and gain and take away the free agency of man, even if they choose wickedness, then he is a false god. If you are compelled and even covenant to withhold the truth, then you are minions of a false god. As I ponder on these brothers, no where does it tell us what their political affiliations were. I pondered over each taking a turn being a member of the democratrepublican and independent party. It doesn't change who is right or wrong its how they behaved in responding to the will of the people when it had spoken. Just because your side doesn't win, doesn't mean you overthrow your government.  

The courage that I take as I read the Book of Mormon is that somehow, somewhere the truth had to have come out. That lies were eventually exposed and brought to light. Otherwise how would they ever tell how these events unfolded. It is my prayer always that truth will come to light and evil will not prosper. Yet, if evil is prospering by the voice of the people, I cannot support taking away their agency to do so. I will step out of the way, and leave it in God's hands. Then pray with all the energy of my heart that when his wrath does come, my brothers and sisters will be ready to come back to him.

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