Friday, February 26, 2016

Today's Favorite Verse: Alma 61:8

Today's Favorite Verse: Alma 61:8
"They have got possession of the land, or the city, of Zarahemla; they have appointed a king over them, and he hath written unto the king of the Lamanites, in the which he hath joined an alliance with him; in the which alliance he hath agreed to maintain the city of Zarahemla, which maintenance he supposeth will enable the Lamanites to conquer the remainder of the land, and he shall be placed king over this people when they shall be conquered under the Lamanites."

Pahoran after receiving Moroni's epistle, writes one back. He tells that the kingmen had removed him as chief judge, and thrown out the freeman that supported him. They were fighting to keep their nation, that is why Moroni's armies were not receiving any support. These were the same kingmen that Moroni fought earlier.

Now that the kingmen had control of the government they wanted to destroy it completely. They wanted the Lamanites to come in and conquer them. This was all part of an earlier plan to destroy their nation and then be made ruler over it. 

It made me wonder why would anyone in a nation want to destroy it and change it completely? Why wouldn't you just leave and go to a land that had similar values. Wouldn't you be much happier there? Then I realized I could say that about some people and their political affiliations now. If you wanted the United States to change into something we have never been, and is against our constitution, then they are no better than a kingmen. What a dangerous sentiment that's trying to overtake our nation. The source of that inspiration is Satan. He has blinded their hearts and minds. They have no understanding of the selfishness of their ways. Happily I know how this story eventually ends, they don't win. That makes me hopeful that people that want to completely change the United States won't win either.

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