Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Today's Favorite Verse: Alma 52:21-23

Today's Favorite Verse: Alma 52:21-23
"And it came to pass that Moroni, having no hopes of meeting them upon fair grounds, therefore, he resolved upon a plan that he might decoy the Lamanites out of their strongholds.
Therefore he caused that Teancum should take a small number of men and march down near the seashore; and Moroni and his army, by night, marched in the wilderness, on the west of the city Mulek; and thus, on the morrow, when the guards of the Lamanites had discovered Teancum, they ran and told it unto Jacob, their leader.
And it came to pass that the armies of the Lamanites did march forth against Teancum, supposing by their numbers to overpower Teancum because of the smallness of his numbers. And as Teancum saw the armies of the Lamanites coming out against him he began to retreat down by the seashore, northward."

The decoy that Moroni setup was ingenious. He sends Teancum with a small number of men to entice the Lamanites that are held up in the city of Mulek. I think pride is the downfall that causes the Lamanites to look at that small number of men and decide they can overpower them. That gets them out to march after Teancum's men. Little did they know Moroni was waiting for the city to be open so they could come in and reclaim it back. Then Moroni sends men after the Lamanites. Along the way the Lamanites see Lehi and his men. They turn back towards the city of Mulek and are being chased by Lehi's men. Eventually they come against Moroni's men which had been following them. They are now surrounded and a battle takes place. The Nephites overcome the Lamanites and captured their city back. I just love how the Lord inspired Moroni to set this all up.

So I sat and pondered on how this effects my day. All I see around me today is political intrigue. I do wish God would inspire a righteous man to expose those who are full of lies, that way truth would come out. We cannot make good decisions as a nation if we do not have truth. We need a decoy that would cause a prideful person to run after. As that decoy causes the prideful person to attack their opponents, because they feel their opponents are weak, it will in turn exposed them for what they really are. They would be surrounded by truth and that would cause them to fall. 

As I spiritually look at this I see the downfall all starts with pride. Pride will cause people to do things they may never consider wise prior. For me the lesson I need to learn is to stay far, far away from pride. When you are not caught up in pride and only seek the Lord's will, he will inspire you on how to prevail against your enemies. 

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