Sunday, January 17, 2016

Today's Favorite Verse: Alma 21:16-17

Today's Favorite Verse: Alma 21:16-17
"And they went forth whithersoever they were led by the Spirit of the Lord, preaching the word of God in every synagogue of the Amalekites, or in every assembly of the Lamanites where they could be admitted.
And it came to pass that the Lord began to bless them, insomuch that they brought many to the knowledge of the truth; yea, they did convince many of their sins, and of the traditions of their fathers, which were not correct."

This chapter begins telling the story of Aaron and his brethren that had been imprisoned in Middoni. I notice that they were not having much success is sharing the gospel. It speaks of how the Amalekites and Amulonites had very hard hearts and had hardened the heart of the Lamanites. These are descendants of the priests of Noah. 

What a contrast between Aaron's success and Ammon's The difference is how they served. Ammon served the people before he preached. Aaron and the brethren preached right away. It wasn't until they were freed from prison and Ammon is with them, that it mentions something different. They went being led by the spirit. 

The Amalekites, who we were told were hard hearted, now listen to them. The difference is having the spirit guide them to those with softened hearts and seeking the truth. I also think the experience Aaron and his brethren went through in prison changed them. I'm not thinking Aaron was bad in any way. I just think he had something to learn about preaching the gospel. It's not like they had a MTC for missionary training before they left home. I do think the contrast between the ways they preached the gospel is important for any missionary, and also for myself.

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