Saturday, January 16, 2016

Today's Favorite Verse: Alma 20:2

Today's Favorite Verse: Alma 20:2
"And the voice of the Lord came to Ammon, saying: Thou shalt not go up to the land of Nephi, for behold, the king will seek thy life; but thou shalt go to the land of Middoni; for behold, thy brother Aaron, and also Muloki and Ammah are in prison."

King Lamoni wanted to take Ammon to the land of Nephi to show him to his father the king. Instead the Lord speaks to Ammon and tells his to go to the land of Middoni to save his brother and others in prison. What I sat and pondered over was why was he sent? Why didn't the Lord just destroy the prison to release them like he did with Alma and Amulek?

The Lord even told Ammon not to go to the land of Nephi because the king would seek his life. So he obeys and by chance Ammon and Lamoni on the road to Middoni meet up with the king and he still seek Ammon's life. I had to ponder on why this course of events.

I think what I'm seeing is that sometimes the Lords sends us on his errands because there is something we need to learn from the experience or the experience will change others. If the Lord had just destroyed the prison and set Aaron and the others free, Ammon would have never had the perfect chance to show Lamoni's father the love he had for his son. How he wasn't out to steal or take from them, but was there to serve.

When the king tries to kill Lamoni and Ammon stops him, and then the king tries to kill Ammon and finds out Ammon is more capable of killing him, the king pleads for his life and offers Ammon anything, even half of his kingdom. Ammon response was only to help others, nothing for himself. This impresses the king and makes him desire to learn more of what Ammon has to say. I think if Ammon had meet the king in any other way the desire to learn more and listen would not have been there. The Lord's ways are not our ways. He knows the best course of action and will always prepare the way. The important thing is to listen and obey.

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