Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Today's Favorite Verse: 3 Nephi 29:1-2

Today's Favorite Verse: 3 Nephi 29:1-2
"And now behold, I say unto you that when the Lord shall see fit, in his wisdom, that these sayings shall come unto the Gentiles according to his word, then ye may know that the covenant which the Father hath made with the children of Israel, concerning their restoration to the lands of their inheritance, is already beginning to be fulfilled.
And ye may know that the words of the Lord, which have been spoken by the holy prophets, shall all be fulfilled; and ye need not say that the Lord delays his coming unto the children of Israel."

The sayings spoken of here are the Book of Mormon. When what was hidden was restored it ushered in the last dispensation of time, the fullness of times. Not only was the gospel of Jesus Christ restored, his people are being restored to their lands of inheritance. This was the line of demarcation when these events began to take place. I pondered on how blessed I am to live during this time frame. I lived during a time where prophesy is being fulfilled before my eyes. Sometimes as I watch the news and see the wickedness happening, and on the other hand see temples dot the earth, I marvel at what interesting times I am living in. I have to say to myself this is really real. All that the prophets have prophesied of are really starting to happen. The most wicked and the most righteous of God's children will live during these times. A person can go either way depending on the desires of their hearts. I pray with all my heart that I will be found righteous in the end. 

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