Monday, April 4, 2016

Today's Favorite Verse: 3 Nephi 20:8

Today's Favorite Verse: 3 Nephi 20:8
"And he said unto them: He that eateth this bread eateth of my body to his soul; and he that drinketh of this wine drinketh of my blood to his soul; and his soul shall never hunger nor thirst, but shall be filled."

I have been reflecting the pass few days on what changed me. How have I come closer to the Lord?  Why is taking the sacrament now so different? I have examined in my heart many things and the change has been so gradual and have built upon each other. I know the most important change was reading the scriptures and pondering them in my heart. I have a treasure trove of the words of Christ to reflect on during the sacrament. The quiet time during sacrament when I think of my Savior is never long enough. There is a change now when I take the sacrament. It means something and my soul is filled. It renews and make me stronger in my faith. I know an outward sign is being satisfied. I'm not looking for the next shiny, bright thing that I think I need. I hardly even go to the store any more. I used to be obsessed with the next thing I needed to buy, as soon as I bought it I was onto the next thing to buy. Somehow that has all gone away. My soul is satisfied and now and I'm not in hunt of things to make me happy. I have peace and a joy that material things could never give me. How is that done?  I don't really know. But, I know it is only done through Christ.

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